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                The Punjab Vidhan Sabha consists of its own independent Secretariat. This deals with the subjects relating  to the passign of bills,  resolutions and other Legislative business by the House. It also deals with the Starred and Unstarred questions put by the Hon'ble members. It also deals with the Governor's address which is delivered to the House by the His Excellency, the Governor of Punjab on the opening day of every budget session and the 1st session of the newly elected House. It has various committees of Members, which deals with powers, privileges and amenities to the members. The Committees of the House make recommendations to the Govt. for smooth and effective working of the Department concerned which is examined during the year.

ii)    Hon'ble Speaker is over all incharge of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha and its Secretariat.The cases of following nature are put to the Hon'ble Speaker for his final orders:-


Sr. No.         Nature of Cases

1.                 Administering the Oath and Secretary to the newly elected Member of

       the House.

2.              Conducting of Election of Hon'ble Speaker and Hon'ble Deputy            


3.               Permitting the admission of bills to be introduced in the House.

4.               Admitting or disallowing the notices of starred/unstarred/short   

       notice questions resolution, Call Attention Notices, Adjournment         

       Motions and other Motions given by  Hon'ble Members under the

       Rules of Procedure and conduct of Business in the Punjab Vidhan


5.               Laying a copy of Governor's Address on theTable of the House.

6.                Recommending the bill passed by the House to the Governor for his


7.               Constitution of Committees of the House.

8.                     Interpretation of Rules of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of

Business in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha and any other Rule framed  

under various Acts concerning  the amenities to the Hon'ble Members.

9.                     Conducts the proceedings of the House.


1.                     Making recommendations to the Govt. of the name for appointment to                           

                        the post of Secretary,  Punjab Vidhan Sabha.

2.                     Making appointments of the Secretarial Staff of the Punjab Vidhan


3.                     Making promotions/demotions/suspensions/reinstatement of the staff

  of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Secretariat.

4.                       Granting permission to various Committees of the House to hold

 their meeting outside Chandigarh.

5.                   Sanction of Pension to the Ex-Legislators.

6.                   1) Writing Off arrears of House Rent  of MLAs Flat/Hostel of the

 Hon'ble  Members. 

2)The Legislative and Administrative functions being performed by the 

Hon'ble Speaker, being Head of the Legislature have been explained in Para (ii) above. 

3)The Secretary,Punjab Vidhan Sabha is the Head of department. 

He enjoys powers analogous to and Administrative Secretary to Govt.

of Punjab.

4)He is appointed by the Govt. in consultation with the Hon'ble

Speaker. He assists the  Hon'ble Speaker in deciding the matters on

the following points:-

a) making appointments/promotions/demotions/suspension/reinstatement of

the staff of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Secretariat

b) recommending the admitting or disallowing the notices of

starred/unstarred/short notice questions,resolutions, Call Attentions 

Notices, Adjournment Motions and other Motions given by Hon'ble Members

under the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Punjab

Vidhan Sabha.He sanctions leave/G.P.Fund Advances/Other Advances to the

staff of the Sabha Secretariat and purchase of store items for the Sabha Secretariat.

                         5) No specific Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records are

held by the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Secretariat. However, the day to day

administration is run as per provisions of the Punjab Civil Services/Financial

Rules and  the instructions issued by the Govt. aproved by the Speaker

from time to time in the Administrative side.

The provisions of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the

Punjab Vidhan Sabha is made applicable for the conduct of proceedings of

the House.

6)The Punjab Vidhan Sabha  Secretariat does not hold or have any control 

of category of documents. As such, no statement can be prepared in this


7)     In this regard, it is stated that the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Secretariat does

not have any mechanism in this behalf as it does not directly deal with public

with regard to any policy, administration thereof.

                        8)The Punjab Vidhan Sabha Secretariat as such does not have Committees

and other  bodies, as its part or for the purpose of its advise. However, in

the Committees  system, there are a number of Committees of the Punjab

Vidhan Sabha. Once the proceedings have been finalized and placed on the

Table of the House they become a public document and piror to that these

can't be made available to public.


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