Punjab Legislative Assembly


Scope and Functions of the committee on Estimates

(1) There shall be a Committee on Estimates for the examination of such of the estimates as may deem fit to the Committee or are specifically referred to it by the House. The functions of the Committee shall be-

(a) to report what economics, improvements in organizations, efficiency or administrative reform. consistent with the policy underlying the estimates, may be effected;

(b) to suggest alternative policies in order to bring about efficiency and economy in administration;

(c) to examine whether the money is well laid out within the limits of the policy implied in the estimates; and

(d) to suggest the form in which the estimates shall be presented to the House; Provided that the Committee shall not exercise its functions in relation to such public undertakings as are allotted to the Committee on public undertakings by these Rules or by the Speaker.

(2) The Committee shall consists of thirteen members who shall be elected by the House every year from amongest its members according to the principle of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote.

(3) The term of the office of the members of the Committee shall be one year.

(4) The Committee may hear officials, take other evidence, do physical verification, make on the spot study of facts or call for any record connected with the estimates under examination.

List of Members

Sr. No. Name Of Members Designation
1. Sardar Hardial Singh Kamboj Chairman
2. Sardar Angad Singh Member
3. Sardar Dilraj Singh Bhunder Member
4. Sardar Gurpartap Singh Wadala Member
5. Sardar Gurpreet Singh kangar Member
6. Sardar Kanwar Sandhu Member
7. Shri Madan Lal Jalalpur Member
8. Sardar Nirmal Singh Member
9. Shri Rakesh Pandey Member
10. Sardar Sadhu Singh Dharmsot Member
11. Sardar Sukhpal Singh Bhullar Member
12. Sardar Sukhpal Singh Khaira Member
13. Shri Surinder Kumar Dawar Member